Wally One

Height =
15 inches
Width =
24 inches
Soil Volume =
0.40 cubic feet

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Wally One


Hi, I'm Wally.
The Living Wall Planter that allows you to Garden Anywhere!

Create an instantly lush vertical garden and experience the magical fun of plants in any environment. 
Made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles, Pockets are soft-sided, breathable, modular and infectiously fun!
They’re made right here in the USA by our Woolly little family.



Create a Living Painting or a Whole Living Wall.
Wally is cute hanging all by itself, but he loves to hang out in a crowd.  Create your own flourishing living wall with a
few indoor Wally Ones, because Wally is totally modular!

Hang Your Garden Up Right.
Wally doesn’t come with hang-ups, but he does come with hardware! Hanging Wally is as simple as hanging a painting.

Edibles, Florals, Tropicals Oh my!
Perfect for an organic kitchen herb garden or outdoor edible farms. Tropicals also love Wally, as do Succulents.
Even natives have a crush on Wally. With Wally, the plantablities are endless!

Learn how to build a Community Garden


Live it Up! Garden Anywhere
Make plants feel right at home on your patio, rail, fence or gate! Wally is a great host! He’ll host your plants at home,
school and office. He easily attaches to wood, concrete, masonry and chain link.  He’s very easy going and loves to live it up!


It's not rocket science, it's Pocket Science! 


Pocket Dimensions
Height = 15 inches
Width = 24 Inches
Soil Volume = 0.40 cubic feet

How to hang, plant & water Wally?
Hook Up Your Plants - It’s easy! Universal fasteners and wall anchors are all included.

Let’s Hang Wally in Five Easy Steps:

1. Hang Wally in a place that gets the perfect amount of sunlight for the plants that you have chosen.
2. Wally’s grommets are spaced 22” apart. Measure that distance on the Wall. Mark where the grommet holes will be.
3. Drill the holes.
4. Slide fasteners into the holes.
5. Screw Wally into the fasteners. 

If hanging multiple Wallys, overlap the Pockets’ grommets horizontally. Like building blocks, Wallys are modular.
Space them 13” apart vertically (from grommet to grommet) – this hides the grommets and ensures plants have
enough space to thrive but are still dense enough to create a lush living wall!.

Let’s Plant
We recommend a high-quality indoor potting soil for all indoor plantings. If planting edibles, try organic edible soil.
For outdoors, a high-quality outdoor potting soil will do the trick.

1. You may want to lay out a tarp, ‘cause this part can get a little messy.
2. With Wally on the wall, fill Wally almost all the way to the top with organic potting soil. Be sure to get the corners, and don’t use a sharp trowel to avoid puncturing Wally.
3. Select plants based on the amount of light and temperature of the chosen location. For indoor plantings, consider tropical plants because they do well in lower light. For a beautiful lush planting, use two or three full sized 6” - 8” plants. Get creative! Need plant recommendations?
Once you are ready to plant, remove your plants from their pots. Consider gently soaking your plant’s roots in water before planting.
5. Dig small holes in the soil and plant your plants. Make sure plant roots are in contact with the tongue (remember, the plants get their water from Wally’s Tongue.)
6. Once your plant is securely embedded in the soil, feel free to top off. Voila!

Smart Watering: Wally’s Tongue does all the work.

The Tongue is the felt flap inside the Pocket. The Tongue sits on top of the moisture barrier, absorbs the water and carries
it down to the roots of the plant. So when watering the plants, water Wally’s Tongue directly. Any excess water accumulates
in Wally’s reservoir or evaporates through Wally’s breathable sides-- this prevents overwatering and conserves water.

What Kind of Water, How Much & How Often?
We recommend watering Wally with filtered water, especially when watering indoors. The amount of water necessary for plants
to thrive varies, so check each plants’ watering requirements. On average we recommend watering Mini Wally approximately
one cup of water once each week (a long-spout watering can or a wine bottle works great as a water receptacles).
Wally likes to be watered slowly so that the Tongue can absorb all that moisture. Use these guidelines as a jumping off point
and assess how well the plants are doing, adjust watering accordingly.  For larger applications, consider setting up a drip irrigation system.

What About the Floors & Walls?  Will they get wet?
In a word, no! Wally has a military grade built-in moisture barrier that wraps around the bottom of the Pocket, from back to front.
This barrier creates a reservoir and ensures walls and floors don’t get wet.  The barrier also conserves water and helps to keep
soil’s nutrition in your Pocket. The ‘no reservoir’ option, good for outdoor applications in rainy environments, has a recessed
moisture barrier that allows proper drainage when it rains.

Customer Reviews

So unique and fun Review by Kathy
I've used Wallys for about 3 years. i first had them by my front door, then added more on the back patio, then in a friend's courtyard....and on and on. They are such a great product, hold a TON of plants and dirt, and let you plant in places you would not be able to with a conventional planter or pot. I've done cascading houseplants near the front door and planted asparagus fern, impatiens, and ivy all together in a Wally Five. What a show stopper! They are easy to plant and retain moisture very well. Houseplants don't do well outside in my climate yearround so I put "falsies" in them during the winter months. At the beginning of the next season I scrub them up and do it all again. I've only used the dark brown color, but am now buying the black because they're on sale. It doesn't matter to me what color they are: plants grow so lush and thick that you can't see the pockets anyway. I've installed them in less than 15 minutes and stuff them until they're about to burst. All of my plants have done so very, very well in the pockets. I appreciate them being created from a recycle process. I highly recommend Wallys!! (Posted on 10/3/12)
Very good product Review by Patioman
the product was easy to install & to plant - looks attractive - many compliments
hanging plants seem to thrive in the pocket environment (Posted on 6/8/12)